It’s typically not one thing. And, more often than not, it’s the right balance of everything.
That’s what happens when you are a hyper-integrated agency, with a balance of marketing communications disciplines all working under one roof. We have the ability to prescribe the right solutions for our clients without a prejudice to one approach over another.
It’s an agency model that is built for the future.


Great Strategy Informs Great Solutions

Strategy is the starting point for everything we do. And, insight and exploration is the cornerstone of every strategy we develop. We understand that target audiences and demographics don’t make purchase decisions. The job is tougher and more succinct today. We have to get into the head and heart of the influencer, the decision maker, the buyer, the dreamer and anyone else that will ultimately affect a purchase.

Our planners examine the landscape and erect a lens to focus on a unified vision. And, with laser accuracy as the objective, we will construct the strategy that will pilot the solutions we provide.


Creativity and Strategy Are Not Mutually Exclusive

While one of the key reasons to engage The Zimmerman Agency is our ability to reach beyond advertising – truthfully, our capabilities in advertising remain one of our core strengths. We provide clients the ability to capture their differentiating value proposition, and create messaging and connections that generate preference.

In a media and marketing world that shifts minute-by-minute, we are built to keep pace with changing environments and opportunities, and disciplined to deliver with pace and accuracy.

public relations

Story selling with expertise in creative content and cross-channel, digitally-influenced communications.

We built our public relations practice into a powerful, stand-alone discipline that is ranked among the largest firms in North America. We just happen to be a part of a hyper-integrated communications company providing prowess in digital, content and technology  beyond the reach of a traditional PR firm.

Reaching that pinnacle out of Tallahassee, Florida doesn’t happen by accident. It takes an approach that clearly differentiates the agency and our clients. It takes an injection of strategy, creativity, digital and an unabashed — incredibly determined and highly  enthusiastic approach to account management.

Our brand of public relations is a compelling tool in the effort to motivate consumer behavior, preference, awareness and consideration. At The Zimmerman Agency we have expanded the role of public relations from a driver or publicity to a driver of revenue.


Helping clients succeed in a hyper-connected, digitally driven world.

The Zimmerman Agency is purpose-built to connect people, brands and opportunities through digital channels, with game-changing technology as our advantage.

Sure, we can think “digital first.” Truthfully, we have to think idea first. But, in an integrated marketing environment, we encourage digital teams to collaborate from insight to strategy, and on to the creative idea with a clear focus on the client’s business objectives.

In a media and marketing world that shifts minute-by-minute, we are built to keep pace with changing environments and opportunities, and disciplined to deliver with speed and accuracy.


Measure. Adjust. Repeat. Seriously.

We’re serious about our work, and the dollars and time our clients invest to generate results. So, we’ve developed a proprietary tracking system to allow our teams to focus on timely results, to enable us to make adjustments in near real time.

We generate dashboards that update every fifteen minutes. So, clients and their teams can literally view their return-on-investment.

The key – and the differentiator for our system – is the ability to make more frequent adjustments to ensure we are optimizing every element of your campaign.